Long Term Missions Trip

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Description: For a country whose political and economic future is unrest, job availability and security is in crisis. Knowing English has the potential to help Ukrainians as a bachelor’s degree would help an American. EWay partners with the local church to serve the community through the teaching of English. As we seek to meet their felt need, our ultimate desire is to open their eyes to the deeper need which can only be fulfilled through Christ. You will be using the Bible to not only teach conversational English, but also introduce Ukrainians to the transforming power of God's word.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Teaching prepared lessons four nights of the week

  • Facilitating a Bible study one night of the week

  • Informally meeting with and discipling EWay students

  • Participate in the planning and execution of a weekly English club

Term: September – May (9mo.)

"EWay is an excellent opportunity for disciples to make disciples in obedience to our Lord’s commission. In Ukraine, many, many people are interested in learning English. Many, many people in Ukraine have also never encountered Jesus Christ in the story about Him – God’s Word. I love teaching at EWay for a few reasons. In conversation class we get to read and discuss stories from the Bible. I love introducing students to Jesus in this way, as they get to discover Him for themselves in the stories. Many students passively reject Jesus, but some respond with faith as God works in their hearts. EWay is also a place for real community. Our students remark constantly that they find their classes to be like a family, and real lasting relationships form as a result. This is a perfect way to get to know people on a deeper level, and to pursue those relationships further outside the classroom. EWay is a wonderful combination of intentional spreading of the gospel, and life-on-life discipleship. Like Jesus, we must seek to meet the felt needs of the lost, in the pursuit of helping them see their true need – a relationship with Jesus Christ. EWay facilitates this very well. We help them improve their English – the felt need – and we share with them who Jesus is in the context of God’s word and personal relationships." - Kimberly

Short Term Mission Trip

Description: You, your family or group will join a team (no more than 12) to go alongside the ongoing ministry as a support role. You will be participating in a week-long English Evangelism Week where EWay students will come every night of the week for English lessons from the Bible. Each person will have there own group to teach and share God’s hope through His Word. During the day, you will be serving and sharing the love of Christ in the community in different ways (i.e. prayer walking, street evangelism, visiting homes, etc.) will take to the communities and villages of Ukraine to share God’s hope through His word. With a current cost of around $530/person for a 10-day trip (w/o airfare), foreign missions should be well within your grasp.

Experiences Include:

  • Community outreach and evangelism

  • Lead Bible based English lessons

  • Facilitate small group discussions

  • Support the on-site team in creating Christ-centered relationships

Trips Available: October & March