We stand on the shoulders of your prayers and the Foundation of God's victory.

Get a glimpse of who EWay is, why we serve in Ukraine and how God uses this ministry.

EWay is about people. You will read stories of how God is changing lives through EWay and how you can pray for these people.

Follow a visual story of God’s kingdom growing in the lives of Ukrainians.


Nadya: “I think the most important part of EWay activity, is the giving example of life as Christians. When you see them, you realize that the Bible is not a fairytale. It’s really a life book. Thanks to them I start to study the Bible now.”

Ira: “When I come to EWay I feel like I am at home. I want to be part of this huge family. I became better when I started to talk to Him and when I started to do for Him.”

Sergey: “The students in our school are coming closed. But when they come in, they see loving teachers. They see a kind atmosphere. And they’re becoming open. They are starting to listen what we are talking about. Our goal is to disciple these students. To share, talk, be interested in their lives. In this way you can share your personal experience how God changed your life.”

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