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Do you love God, people and have a heart for discipleship?  EWay ministries is the perfect opportunity for your desires to shine for God’s kingdom.

EWay is a ministry formed, developed and led by Christian Ukrainians within the local churches. Native English speakers play an essential support role in the ministry, but we rely on the national staff’s understanding of the their culture’s needs and long-term efficacy within their culture.
EWay is used by local churches throughout Ukraine to reach their community for Christ and train their church members in discipleship. The use of native speakers plays an essential role in drawing non-Christians and training the local church members.

When Jesus came to this earth, this is what He exemplified for us and we desire to do the same for those whom God blesses us to serve.
We are a ministry who does not spread itself across a variety of ministries. We focus on one ministry and try to do it to the best of our God-given abilities. This is relational-evangelism through the use of teaching English. We want the highest quality of teaching and we are extremely intentional in developing Christ-centered relationships with our students.

~Prior to your departure you will be personally trained in the following areas:
– teaching conversational English
– evangelism and discipleship within the Ukrainian culture
– language basics
– living in Ukraine essentials
~Four evenings out of the work week you will be teaching 1-3 bible-based lessons (depending on the need) of varying English proficiency levels to a group of 6-12 people. Depending on the location of your assignment, you will be teaching adults/university students and/or youth (14-17yrs). We keep these groups separate due to the intentionality of our discipleship.
~One evening during the week you will be leading or co-leading a Bible study in your apartment consisting of EWay students.
~Every Saturday there will be an English club. You will be involved in the planning and execution of this time. The main responsibilities include leading activities and facilitating a time of conversation within a small group.
~You will also meet informally once or twice a week with some of your students to develop Christ-centered relationships.

A fully furnished apartment including rent will be provided.
Your responsibility per month: $500approx. ($600-650 if you plan to eat out often) (includes food/household, clothing/transportation/misc, personal ministry expenses, utilities, internet access, cell phone charges)
Round-trip flight: $1,000approx. (The ministry begins in September, takes a break from just before Christmas until 3rd week in January, and ends the last week of May. You will be responsible for purchasing flights for your time between September until May, but feel free to return to the states for the Christmas break if you have the financial possibility)
One-time Visa and Document Fees: $285approx.
Approximate total for a 9mo stay: $5,785

KNOW ENGLISH! Ukraine is a Ukrainian and Russian speaking country. Unlike many European countries, you will not find many who know English. EWay will support you in this environment. You will be provided with translators when needed, and will be surrounded by a team who knows English, Ukrainian and Russian. You will naturally pick up on be trained in needed phrases and words, but your main role is an English speaker. They want to hear you speaking in English!

Testimony from a Conversation Teacher is currently serving in EWay:
“EWay is an excellent opportunity for disciples to make disciples in obedience to our Lord’s commission. In Ukraine, many, many people are interested in learning English. Many, many people in Ukraine have also never encountered Jesus Christ in the story about Him – God’s Word. I love teaching at EWay for a few reasons. In conversation class we get to read and discuss stories from the Bible. I love introducing students to Jesus in this way, as they get to discover Him for themselves in the stories. Many students passively reject Jesus, but some respond with faith as God works in their hearts. EWay is also a place for real community. Our students remark constantly that they find their classes to be like a family, and real lasting relationships form as a result. This is a perfect way to get to know people on a deeper level, and to pursue those relationships further outside the classroom. EWay is a wonderful combination of intentional spreading of the gospel, and life-on-life discipleship. Like Jesus, we must seek to meet the felt needs of the lost, in the pursuit of helping them see their true need – a relationship with Jesus Christ. Eway facilitates this very well. We help them improve their English – the felt need – and we share with them who Jesus is in the context of God’s word and personal relationships.” – Kimberly

Follow the link on the main page, below the “Go” section, to begin the discovery process. We will personally contact you to determine if this would be a match for you.